Welcome to TacTec

TacTec, which is short for Tactical Technology, is a new small South African business, started out of passion, but born from an idea between passionate South African shooting, tactical, 4×4 and off-road enthusiasts around a campfire in the bush one evening. Our aim is to offer only specialist tactical rifle shooting products, automotive parts and accessories, that provide a specific unique goal and service, and do so well. Although we do not have many products listed, we have many products in various stages of the design and production phase, and will release each of them as we are done testing and confident that they will withstand whatever you can throw at them. We believe in slow and steady success based on focus. Products we sell produced by other manufacturers, are specifically chosen due to experience in use, and quality of manufacture and function, we will not sell any products or brands that we do not believe in and would not use ourselves.